About Me


  I was only 14 years old when I first told my parents that I wanted to live in  Mexico as we were on the plane flying home from a family vacation in Puerto Vallarta. They went along with my plan assuming that it was yet another teenage phase I was going through, little did they know. The culture, the colours, the people, it was all I could ever talk about. My obsession with Mexico influenced our family vacation destinations from that moment onwards.

8 years later with a university degree safely under my belt, I finally packed up and left London on March 10th 2005 headed for Cancun Airport and then on to Playa Del Carmen, aged 22 with no job, no spanish but a ton of plans! Fast forward 8 years, I just turned 30 and I’m still here, living my dream in Mexico along with my 7 pooches and the most understanding boyfriend ever! 

This blog is about me and my life here in Mexico! The culture, the adventure, the people and everything else that I’ve come to love (and learn) about my second home. 

My email address is: london_becca@msn.com or you can reach me on twitter @beccamex in case you ever have a question about anything Mexican or you just wanna drop by and say Hola!


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