Travesía Sagrada Maya

Photo courtesy of Del Sol Photography

The ‘Travesia Sagrada Maya’ translates into English as Sacred Mayan Journey and it is an INCREDIBLE event that takes place every year here in the Riviera Maya.

The Sacred Mayan Journey is a ritual in which the Maya braved the ocean on their canoes and crossed to Cozumel to worship the goddess Ixchel.

This year marks the 7th annual event and will involve over 300 oarsmen in 30 canoes making their way from Xel Ha Park over to Cozumel and back again, ending their journey with a festival celebrating their arrival in Xcaret park. This event raises awareness of the Mayan culture as the original culture in this area, a fact that is disappearing over time.

Every aspect of the event, from the people taking part to the oars, from the body paint to the food offered at the festival it all has a significance within the Mayan world and each belief is brought to life in present day thanks to the participation of so many local members of the community within this event. Not all participants are local, thanks to the ever growing popularity of the event there are people that travel from other states and ever other countries to take part in this wonderful experience.

If you ever have the chance to be in the Riviera Maya at the end of May, this is one experience that you cannot miss. It is truly incredible and has the power to take your breath away with the sheer dedication of the members and the symbolism portrayed.

Official page:

You can’t miss checking out this page for AMAZING photos taken at last years event by Del Sol Photography:


Gran Bazar Primavera de Andale

Here in this part of Mexico there is a free local magazine called the ‘Andale’. If you are looking to buy, sell, rent etc,, then the Andale should always be your first port of call! It truly is a lifesend when you find yourself being told by your landlord that you have to move out the following day cause he made a mistake on the date of the contract (but that’s a whole other story..)!

Well every year in the middle of May, Andale organizes a huge street sale called the the Gran Bazar. It costs $200pesos to rent a space and according to the rules you are only allowed to sell second hand goods or handicrafts! Many locals look forward to the event and even though is doesnt open to the public til 8am there are normally crowds of people waiting to get the first bargains! You can find arts and crafts not sold in the regular stores as well as used books, clothing, jewelry, homemade cakes and pies and sooooo much more. They close off around 6 blocks of an entire avenue and the event runs from 8am through to 8pm! I remember visiting the bazaar during my first few years of being here in Mexico and finding some great bargains, you know what they say “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” but then again saying that I am a sucker for anything on sale!

Well this year I finaly decided that it was time to have a sort out and try and make some money while I was at it! So I convinced my partner in crime (otherwise known as my boyfriend) that it was a good idea and so we went for it… All in all it was a good day, far TOO hot and boy does it show that I spent 12 hours in the sun, I am now a rather fetching shade of fuscia but I sold most of what I took with me and made a little bit of extra cash which always comes in handy! I now feel rather obliged to replace all the shoes I sold, it’s only fair right?

While I was busy debuting my entrepreneurial spirit, my boyfriend was off doing what he does best, taking photos and I fully credit him for all the great images below:

Andale Bazaar 1

At the beginning of the day before the crowds descended

Andale Bazaar 2

Next year I am definitely clearing my closet before hand! Clothes were definitely the best seller of the day!

Andale Bazaar 3

Cute little hand made phone pouches

Andale Bazaar 4

Let the buying and selling begin!

Andale Bazaar 5

The Mexican equivalent of a slush puppy! Always popular on a hot day!

Andale Bazaar 6

No street event would be complete without a snack from a bike!

My hand made magnets!


Let the party begin….


Yours truly in full selling mode!

After 12 hours of sun with easily a humidity factor of 100% I was well and truly glad to pack up and go home but all in all it’s an amazing street fair, and something Playa should do a bit more frequently than once a year! Although if I have to be honest I think it is safe to say I am definitely happier doing the buying rather than the selling!



So Your Adventure is Over… Now What?

Had to share this great post with you all! For anyone that has ever travelled it truly hits home!

Travel Relapse

Transportation of San FranciscoAll things must end, good and bad, everything eventually finishes. No matter how much we don’t want things to come to an end, no matter how much we try to put off the inevitable it still comes. It’s never easy to realize that your life changing journey has to come to end what is even worse is slowly but sure coming to that end without a plan. Not planning for the next step will undoubtedly cause major headaches and heartaches along the way. It’s not fun to be thrust back into the rush of everyday life when you haven’t properly laid a plan, it’s really not that easy even when you do. Furthermore, you’re going to have to start facing some very harsh realities of life that you may not be ready for.

Just like before you left, there is never going to be a perfect time to leave, never a…

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