Rain, Rain and more Rain.. Welcome to (a very wet) Paradise!

Everyone assumes that living in the Caribbean means sunshine 365 years a year! I have to admit that the weather did have something to do with me moving to Mexico however little did I know that the rain can be just as strong as the sun and this week was a classic example of such.

It started raning on Saturday and continued all the way through to Wednesday, and when I say rain I don’t mean regular rain; I mean full blow tropical thunderstorm. It was our official welcoming into the Cancun rainy season. I like to think of it as preparation for Hurricane Season! According to regional news reports, we received 35% of our yearly rainfall in just a few days.

comopezJust a portion of the main Cancun-Playa Del Carmen that I had the great pleasure of driving through various times during the storm! I have a whole new respect for my truck who managed to survive the beating I gave it this week! The sign above says “Como Pez En El Agua” translates as “Like A Fish In Water” . Completely unintentional however entirely fabulous promotion for the water park XelHa. And below one of the main streets in Playa Del Carmen right in the middle of the storm..


Everyone laughed when I bought these boots…… Guess who’s laughing now! hehehe I got to go play in the rain and still keep my feet dry!

My Sexy Union Jack Wellies!!

Unfortunately one of the downfalls (no pun intended) of getting so much rain in such a short period of time is that the streets and drainage systems are not able to cope leading to severe flooding in the entire state. On the plus side, it did only last a few days and the sun is shining again now so i’m heading off to the Beach.. Have a great sunday everyone!


B is for Beach

Day two and the letter B.. living in this caribbean paradise the first word that sprung to mind was Beach. The Riviera Maya coastline stretches from the north end of Cancun all the way south to Tulum. I have to admit that even though I live here I definitley don’t go to the beach as often as I should. However, everytime I do go to the beach I always think to myself  ‘I really should come more often’.

The white sand and cristaline waters of the Caribbean are what makes this part of Mexico so popular and there are tons of beaches that are ‘hidden’ away from the tourists and are no where near as populated as the beach clubs you’ll find in the centre of town. That being said the beach clubs offer a great atmosphere if you’re going to spend the day drinking and listening to dance music in the sun. They also host some of the best concerts around.

Mamitas Beach Club – Playa Del Carmen

Playa Esmeralda is also located right in the center of Playa Del Carmen however it tends to be much more popular with locals rather than with tourists due to its location. It offers none of the facilities that the beach clubs offer however it is still a great place to go and soak up some sun. Sunday is day to give it a miss though as you’ll find that 90% of the locals spend their day there and it is impossible to find a spot to lay down your towel.

Playa Esmeralda

If I had to narrow it down to my top 3 beaches in the Riviera Maya it would have to be following:

  1. XpuHa – Without a doubt one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen. The white sand stretches, undisturbed, for miles and the water is the most amazing shade of blue. It is definitely one of the places that is a must do during any visit to the Riviera Maya.


  2. Tulum – The perfect mix of culture and beauty. The mayan ruins of Tulum are situated right on the beach itself and the views are phenomenal. Just a short drive south of the ruins and you arrive to Playa Paraiso which is absolutely stunning. You can rent a cabaña right on the water front and it makes the perfect weekend getaway!

    Playa Paraiso

  3. Akumal – The advantage of Akumal is really the colour and clarity of the ocean not to mention the soft white sand. If you have the chance to visit Akumal don’t forget to take your snorkeling equipment as you will almost always find sea turtles right there on the coast and snorkeling with them really is amazing! FYI Akumal is actually the ancient mayan word for ‘Place of the Turtles’

    Akumal Bay

    So there you have it.. B is for Beach and day 2 of the blog challenge is complete.