The most successful ViDAS Clinic to Date

So after a hectic few days of dogs and cats being treated left, right and centre the clinic was over and packed up just as fast as it had arrived. After so much anticipation I still can’t believe it’s been and gone already.

Thanks to the work of the ViDas vets and all of the volunteers that offered their time to help out the clinic was the most successful one to date with a grand total of 1254 animals sterilized in 5 days!

Bring on ViDas Playa del Carmen 2014!!


VIP all the way

I had heard about how nice the VIP cinema was in Cancun but had never really felt the need to drive all the way there when there are two perfectly good cinemas here in Playa del Carmen. I mean did it really matter that the seats were supposedly better, at the end of the day as long as you can see the screen that was really mattered!

I stand corrected. After my VIP experience, going to the cinema will never be the same again. How can I be expected to have the make a line for my ticket and then another line for my popcorn and then struggle to find decent seats in the dark.. Oh No.. it’s VIP all the way for me from now on.

There is a whole seperate ticket office for the VIP entrance with absolutely no line up of people. After buying the tickets and conveniently pre-choosing your seats, you are ushered through to the VIP waiting area/bar! Yes that is correct, a bar INSIDE the cinema.

VIP waiting area/bar

VIP waiting area/bar

Just before the film is about to start you make your way into the salon where you will find leather love seats with foot rests that pop up (think lazy boy style) along with little tables and table lamps. You’re personal waiter will then come and take your order from the menu. They offer all that a regular cinema would offer and more, alcohol, sushi etc.. And the best part is that you can order and have it delivered to your chair without ever having to move a muscle.

Comfy VIP Cinema Sofas

Comfy VIP Cinema Sofas

Waiting for the Movie to Start


The Tickets

The VIP tickets do cost considerably more than the regular cinema tickets ($115 vs $50) but it is definately worth it. All in all it was a pretty special experience that has completely ruined all other future cinema trips.

Tengo Frió..

Tengo Frio means I’m Cold… I never thought my first blog post about living in the Caribbean would start with the words I’m Cold but it’s true. You post on Facebook or on Twitter that you’re cold and the first thing that happens is you get a million comments from friends and family back home commenting.. ¨Cold? but you live in Mexio¨… ¨You don’t know what cold is¨ … ¨Come home and then you’ll feel cold¨ …

Ok so maybe it’s true, Mexican Cold is nothing compared to USA Cold or UK Cold but at the end of the day when you are used to having the sun beating down on you day after day the cool weather really does get to you. The citizens of Playa del Carmen woke up to a refreshing 13°C  this morning which in my books is FREEZING!

Current Weather

13° ???

So off I go to work all wrapped up only to be greeted by hundreds of tourists dressed in shorts and bikinis looking at me like I was insane! Playa del Carmen has a sub-tropical climate, which means it’s almost always warm. Or hot. Nowhere does it say.. Cold! So for all you people coming to visit, it’s worth packing a light sweater, or if you’re ‘Friolenta’ (always cold) like me then pack a winter jacket and scarf just in case!