Destination Weddings – The other side of the story

Destination Weddings are becoming more popular than ever especially here in Mexico. Only a few hours away from the US and Canada, it is an ideal solution for young couples that are looking for somewhere different for their wedding. Destinationa weddings offer them all of that and more. If you choose the right location, a destination wedding can save you thousands of dollars. Booking a destination wedding really is the ideal solution as the majority of the packages include the services of the wedding planner.

At work, I share my office with the wedding department of the hotel and the wedding manager just happens to be one of my best friends. I have to say that I have a whole new respect for destination wedding planners. Not only do they have to deal with the typical bridezillas on a day to day basis they also have to deal with the travel agents who can be just as bad.

Not only does she, Jacki, have contact with the bride, normally on a daily basis, for up to a year prior to the wedding she is also involved in absolutely every detail of the big day itself, from making sure the flowers are perfect to zipping up the bride’s dress prior to the ceremony.

What most future brides don’t realize is that whilst Jacki is answering their 5ooo neurotic emails a day, she is also doing the same exact thing to approximately 50 other ladies all at the same time. Just by mentioning a name, Jacki can tell you the date of the wedding, the full names of both bride and groom even the type of flowers they’ve ordered. Her memory is IMPRESSIVE! Past bride’s have even named her the bride whisperer due to her ability to calm down even the worst bridezilla. Of course they don’t see the side of her that we do in the office but it’s her happy, relaxed self that will always be seen by the wedding guests.

I probably am biased seeing that she is my friend but without a doubt Jacki is one of the best wedding coordinators in the business and any bride that has her wedding organized by Jacki is guaranteed to have the perfect day and memories that last a lifetime.

So to all you future brides out there planning a destination wedding, you’re coordinator knows that this is the biggest day of your life and they will make it perfect just give them a break every now and then!