It’s official.. I am a Grinch

I still remember my very first christmas here in Mexico, it was pretty significant as it was my first christmas away from home and away from my family and I have to admit that it didn’t really bother me. I spent the entire day on the beach lapping up the free cocktails and soaking up every ray of sunshine that I could… Those were the days…

I have to admit though that as the years have gone by (this year will be my 8th christmas away from home) Christmas has started to feel less and less festive. Maybe because I grew up celebrating christmas with the huge tree and the ENORMOUS pile of presents all delicately wrapped and placed under the tree while I was sleeping, maybe because I am used to spending Christmas day in my (almost always new) pijamas, crashed out in from of the TV stuffing my face with all the Christmas chocolates that my grandmother insisted on buying or maybe it’s just because I can’t get my head around celebrating away from my family.

When you tell people you will be spending Christmas in the Caribbean you always lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and the oh-so-common ‘you’re so lucky’ but I am really lucky? Would you honestly give up spending the festive period with your family and loved ones for a few rays of sunshine?

I have to admit that last year my boyfriend did attempt to snap me out of my full on grinch mode by making me put up a tree, cue lots of complaining on my behalf about how it was a waste of time and that the dogs were going to eat it BUT it was there and it did add a certain amount of festivity to the house and made for very pretty christmas photos; well it did until the dogs made it come crashing down on Christmas day!

My tree in all it's glory!

My tree in all it’s glory!

The custom Xmas photo

So as we approach the festive month of the year, I’ll be putting on that HUGE festive smile that I have to wear at work and wishing everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas on the beach whilst secretly wishing that I was on a plane flying home to the arctic temperatures of London to spend Christmas with my family!


3 thoughts on “It’s official.. I am a Grinch

  1. I now love Xmas away from my parents home! I started my own traditions (keeping the things I liked from my parents home and adding to that) and celebrate Xmas with my new ‘family’ (hubby, friends and whoever else is around). I used to be like you, until I realized that my memories of the festivities were kind of colored. The real thing may not be as nice and perfect as you remember it. Enjoy yourself and start your own traditions, it really did it for me. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

    • You know after I wrote the blog I did start to think about that and my dad pretty much said the exact same thing yesterday. Well his exact words where ‘Why on earth would you want to come home for christmas?’ I think I’m trying to cling on to my christmas memories of when I was younger rather than the boring ones from when I was older πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the tips! πŸ™‚

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