So Your Adventure is Over… Now What?

Had to share this great post with you all! For anyone that has ever travelled it truly hits home!

Travel Relapse

Transportation of San FranciscoAll things must end, good and bad, everything eventually finishes. No matter how much we don’t want things to come to an end, no matter how much we try to put off the inevitable it still comes. It’s never easy to realize that your life changing journey has to come to end what is even worse is slowly but sure coming to that end without a plan. Not planning for the next step will undoubtedly cause major headaches and heartaches along the way. It’s not fun to be thrust back into the rush of everyday life when you haven’t properly laid a plan, it’s really not that easy even when you do. Furthermore, you’re going to have to start facing some very harsh realities of life that you may not be ready for.

Just like before you left, there is never going to be a perfect time to leave, never a…

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