Z is for Zebra… or is it?

The A-Z blog challenge has come to an end.. I still can’t believe just how fast the month has gone and to be honest I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with it and completing all the posts! Well seeing as this will be the last post of the month I though it only appropriate to end the challenge with another of my funny (well I think they’re funny anyway) Mexican life experience.

So, one day the fair come to town as it usually does however this time it was much larger and had fairground rides and animals. Being the animal lover that I am, of course as soon as we arrived I made a beeline straight for the animal section. They had a ton of cute little piglets and ponies however there was a huge group of people surrounding one of the areas. Everyone knows that when there is a group of people looking at something, it is common nature to want to see what they are looking at. I managed to squeeze through to the front of the group and saw that there was a Zebra! Obviously a Zebra here in mexico is extremely rare and obviously was a huge attraction!

Animals kept in captivity anywhere in the world, but more so here in Mexico, is a REAL problem for me especially if they are not kept in the right conditions and seeing this Zebra I could see that it had an apparent skin condition. It’s skin was all flaky and dry. So, I’m standing there looking at this Zebra feeling all sorry for it when all of a sudden it started walking over to my side of the enclosure. The closer it got, the more attention I was paying and the ‘weirder’ it looked. I had never seen a Zebra look like that?!? Well the Zebra decided it wanted to pose right in front of where I was standing and then and there it dawned on me…… I had never seen a Zebra like that because it wasn’t a Zebra! It was a white horse with black stripes painted on. The flaky skin that I had seen was actually the dry paint starting to come off! Just to set the record straight, I am in no way a fan of painting a horse but even I have to admit that it was a pretty ingenious way of attracting people!!

Image Courtesy of VH1.com


2 thoughts on “Z is for Zebra… or is it?

  1. OMG! I bet that was quite a picture! LOL! Just dropping in from the A to Z road trip visiting blogs I missed in April. Hi!

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