Y is for Yaxche

image courtesy of Mayancuisine.com

Yaxche Restaurant

Yaxche is by far one of my favourite restaurants in Playa Del Carmen. Pronounced YAGSHEY, they specialize in Mayan Cuisine and traditional dishes from the area. It truly is like Food combined with Art. Each plate is beautifully presented and is absolutely delicious.

Image courtesy of Yaxche

An example of the AMAZING presentation at Yaxche

My favourite dish there is definitely the Tikin Xic Fish which is grilled fish fillet marinated in Axiote aromatized in Epazote wrapped in a banana leaf. Sounds strange, I know, but it is a traditional recipe from the southeast region of Mexico.

Image courtesy of Yaxche

Preparation of Tikin Xic Fish

If you’re looking for good, traditional Mayan cuisine when you’re in this area, you should definitely take a trip to Yaxche.

You can check out the Yaxche menu on their official website: Yaxche Dinner Menu


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