T is for Terrified

I’m the first person to admit that I am not a huge fun of bugs, flying things, creepy crawlies and any other such creatures but living in the Caribbean means that I have had to learn to share my life with these…things.

For a long time, cockroaches were top of my list of bugs I hate the most. Especially seeing as Mexican Cockroaches fly, yes that’s right they fly and normally straight at you. Apparently it’s there way of defending themselves?!? well either way I hate them, with a passion.

BUT one day, I came across a new bug. Well it probably isn’t new new, it’s probably been around for millions of years however it was new to me and it was AWFUL! I’m still not quite sure what it was but it definitely shot straight to the top of my Most Hated List. It was some sort of weird hybrid made up of a cockroach, a spider and a scorpion and is if that wasn’t enough, it could fly as well! Well you can imagine my reaction when I saw it walking towards me.. Terrified was an understatement. I am proud to say I didnt kill it, I ran in the opposite direction and refused to go back in the house until it was gone BUT I didn’t kill it… Even the dogs didn’t wanna mess with that thing

Anybody have an ideas as to what kinda bug it was? Sorry about the quality of the photo but I took it with my phone and used the whole zoom capacity as there was no way I was going near it to take a better photo..



3 thoughts on “T is for Terrified

  1. Oh my gosh, that looks absolutely terrifying!
    Props to you for not killing it, but seriously,
    I would probably have run my little wuss of a behind all the way to the airport
    if I found one of those things just chilling in my house!

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