Q is for Quest for Adventure

I have to admit that I am probably one of the laziest people alive and there is nothing I probably prefer than laying flat out, be it at home or on the beach, with a good book or my ipad; however I often have these madcap ideas to just jump in the car and go somewhere, anywhere, on a quest for adventure. My poor boyfriend is normally the one who gets roped in on my mad ideas and is usually the designated driver.

My last quest for adventure was one of our crazier ideas which somehow ended up with us crossing the border into Belize?!?! It all started out with a simple(ish) idea of driving south to see the ruins of Muyil which are about an hour’s drive from Playa Del Carmen. On the way, my boyfriend happened to mention that there were much better ruins ‘slightly’ further south. Slightly? Like 5million miles further south! Ok well maybe that was a slight exageration however it did seem like we were driving forever. We finally arrived at the ruins of Chacchoben and I have to say that they were worth the journey. After parking the car and walking through the jungle path, a huge pyramid type structure appears out of nowhere surrounded by smaller structures. I’m not a big fan of history but even if I have to say it was impressive.

STYLETIP – don’t drive with all the windows open if you want to arrive with the same hairstyle you left home with!!

Arriving at Chacchoben

Contemplating the universe @ Chacchoben

Sometimes I wonder how he puts up with me…. Must be Love

Well after exploring the ruins, it was time for lunch… of course having lunch there would have been far too easy. So we (and when I say We, I really mean ‘I’) suggested driving even further south to the town of Bacalar for lunch! Back in the car and off we go again. Bacalar is a town in the south of the state which is situated right on the Lagoon of the same name. If you ever visit this area, I SUPER recommend trying to visit as it is truly stunning! Anyway back to my adventure, we had the most delicious fresh seafood lunch right by the lagoon.



Bacalar Lagoon

DELICIOUS breaded shrimp in Bacalar

By this time it was like 3pm and we were about 3 hours away from home so the logical decision would have been to start the journey back right? Well I think it is safe to say that making sensible decisions has never been my strong point. During lunch I had happened to mention that I had never been to the free zone in Belice and somehow that turned into our next destination.

Welcome to Belize

I don’t know what I was expecting to see but ‘la zona libre’, also known as the tax free zone, definitely shocked me. It is completely run down with unpaved streets but the shopping was AWESOME and it was great fun taking the little scooter taxis from one end of the ‘strip’ to the other!

La Zone Libre @ Belize

Posing by an abandoned bus @ Belize

During the scooter taxi ride @ Belize

All in all it was a loooong day and we were exhausted by the time we got home but it was definitely a day to remember!


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