P is for Piñata

Piñatas! Almost everybody knows what a piñata is.. and they are extremely common here in Mexico. No kid’s party here is complete without a piñata and they are not just your normal coloured spikey ones. They get super creative here, they come in all forms and shapes, the most popular ones are shaped in the form of cartoon characters! Even though Piñata’s are most common here in Mexico, they actually originate from China! Useless fact of the day!

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

A collection of different shaped piñatas

Piñata’s are super easy to make (well the basic round ones are), all you need is a balloon, papermache, some coloured crepe paper and a whole ton of candy to fill it up!  I found a great link on another blog on how to make your own piñata: http://www.servingjoyfully.com/2010/09/02/make-your-own-pinata/

Now gettin down to my personal opinion of piñatas… there is no denying that they are great fun and the look of complete happiness on the kid’s faces when it finally breaks is priceless however to me it just seems wrong to give a small child a huge stick and tell them to whack the living s*#t out of something.

Photo courtesy of lapalabranoeselhecho.blogspot.com

Adults hitting piñata however.. now that’s just fun!! In retrospect, I probably should have spent less time laughing and more time swinging the stick.. but hey, I had a blast!

Personal Note: Less Laughing, More Swinging!


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