N is for No Parking

One of the things that amuses every single day are the the No Parking signs.. well not the actual signs themselves more so what they represent and how people understand their meaning in a whole different way.

No Estacionarse = No Parking

Maybe it’s just me but when I see a No Parking sign on a street I automatically assume it applies to the whole street well at least the entire part of the street where the sign is.. But here, OH NO, the No Parking sign means that you cannot park right in front of the sign. You can park 2cm each side of it but not right in front of it.. The first time my boyf parked like that I was convinced that he was gonna get a ticket or the mexican version of a ticket which means that the traffic cops take off your license plates but when we got back to the car everything was exactly as it should, complete with both license plates!

I remember when I first got here and I heard someone say that Speed Limit signs are just a suggestion rather than an actual rule. Apparently the no parking signs are just the same!

I found this photo on google which pretty much sums up my blog post in one image!


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