L is for being LATE

It is commonly known that Mexican Time is a law unto itself. The timeframe is flexible to say the least. Mexican time is as well known as British time. So being a Brit in Mexico I found it particularly challenging.

When I made arrangements with someone to meet up at a certain time, I was always early. It was normal for me coming from London. Arriving early meant that I was ALWAYS waiting which for me is a BIG deal as I am not the most patient person in the world. As this happened almost every time I went out, I started to leave later myself. Arranging to meet someone at 9pm meant that at 8.55pm I was barely starting to get ready! Arriving on time to a party here in Mexico is a big No No unless you plan on being the only person there for the first hour! Although that might be the best idea if it’s an open bar =)

Running on Mexican Time is not always the best idea though as you start getting accustomed to being late which when it comes to work is not a great thing! So after 8 years, I have managed to come to a happy medium where I somehow always manage to leave home late but arrive on time?!? It’s a mystery how I do it but as long as it keeps working I’m all good!

In many countries, being very late to dinner or parties is expected. You can show up two hours late for a party in Mexico City. It’s rude to be on time . . . since your hosts will probably not be ready!

One of my favourite descriptions of Mexican time is provided by the Urban Dictionary:

After I finished writing this post I remembered what was clearly my first ever ‘Mexican Time’ experience. I had only been in the country a couple of months when I had to call out a plumber to my rented apartment. I will grant the fact that he only arrived a little bit late however after checking out my plumbing problem he informed me that the tools he needed were down in the truck and he just had to run downstairs and get them.. With me so far…. pretty simple right? Except the fact that he didn’t come back for 2 days, YES I SAID 2 DAYS!! Needless to say after that experience every thing else was pretty easy to accept!


3 thoughts on “L is for being LATE

  1. Accepting this type of “time” has been a challenge for me. I am surrounded by some cultures (in NO CA) that have the same time reference. Although no one has been 2 days late.

    Happy A-Z blogging. Can you believe we are more than half way through?!

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