K is for Keeping in Touch

When I left the UK, it was a huge deal. Of course I had a huge going away party with all my bestest and closest friends. We spent the whole night promising to keep in touch, swearing that the thousands of miles between us wouldn’t change anything!

Of course things don’t always go as planned. I mean these days it is much easier to keep in touch thanks to Facebook and Smartphones but when you take in to account the time differences and generally being on different sides of the world it just really isn’t as easy as it seems

I think it is safe to say that out of my entire group of friends there is really only one that I have kept in constant touch with throughout the years and regardless of how much time passes without speaking to her or seeing her, we can talk as if nothing. This is the same girl that I’ve known since we were in nursery school together, the girl that was my sworn enemy throughout my childhood and ended up being my best friend throughout my teenage years and into adulthood. Things of course are very different now, we have completely different priorities.. I live in Mexico by the beach with 7 dogs, she’s a married English teacher with an 18 month old son but when we get together we are the same two girls we always have been.

Keeping in touch is hard but it isn’t impossible and it is safe to say that as time goes on it really shows you the people that are meant to stay in your life!

The Nursery Years

Just us!

Her Wedding Day 2010


9 thoughts on “K is for Keeping in Touch

  1. It is difficult to keep in touch, but so worth the effort. I’ve been resorting to old fashioned letters and cards. They almost always prompt a phone call and a long conversation. I’ll bet they are tucked away to be re-read at some point in time too! Great post.

    • I’d love to be able to send letters as they really are keepsakes! I have a ton from when I was younger! Unfortunately the Mexican postal service isnt the most reliable in the world :S the last time my mum sent me a birthday card it took over 3 months to arrive from the UK!

  2. Oh, it is tough when you move. I moved from my “hometown” almost twenty years ago; it was very hard. I am fortunate enough to live close enough I visit regularly and catch up with friends, and there are a few with whom I have not lost touch, and who kept me sane during those tough years of adjustment to a new community and lifestyle. Those friends are precious. So glad you have one to cherish!

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