J is for Jicara

Jicaras are large round pieces of fruit that grow on trees and when dried can be used for a whole ton of different handicrafts, most commonly serving bowls.

Jicara Fruit

One of my favourite Jicara crafts are the Jelly Fish lamps which are made and sold in this particular region of Mexico and I have to admit that  I am a HUGE fan as they look very cool at night.

When the fruit is dried out, it is hollowed out and has designs carved into the sides as well as adding coloured marbles into the skin. When wired up with a bulb inside they produce the most amazing light patterns.

Jicara Jelly Fish Lamps

Jelly Fish Lamp

Even though these crafts are native to this area, there are great companies that can ship them worldwide such as http://www.jellyfishusa.net/


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