D is for Dreams

I had two main dreams growing up, both of which seemed pretty unrealistic to the rest of the world.

  • To have a house full of dogs
  • To live in Mexico

Pretty random dreams for a kid but that was what I wanted and I was lucky enough to have parents that always told me to follow my dreams regardless of how absurd they may be. I think deep down, never in a million years did they think I would be able to pull them off.

As I sit here in my house, in Mexico surrounded by my 7 dogs, I can only say that you should always follow your dreams because one day they might come true!

“It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”


13 thoughts on “D is for Dreams

  1. Hi Becca,
    I am here from the A-Z challenge. You are one of my “neighbors” on the list. So I will be popping in frequently to have a read.

    That is sooooo awesome that you are living 2 your dreams. One of my dreams is to become bilingual (Spanish). Throughout my years I have taken classes, read books, talked with Spanish speakers, etc in the attempt to become fluent. Who knows. Maybe one day I too will live in Mexico.

    Thanks for the encouragment to go after my dreams.

    • Hey Susan. Thanks for stopping by! If you want to learn Spanish I would definitely recommend spending some time abroad if you can. I arrived here with absolutely no spanish at all and when you’re submerged in it 24/7 you’ll be surprised how quickly you actually pick it up! Good Luck!!!

    • Hi Tui,

      I did have a dog growing up but as I grew up in an apartment in London it wasn’t really the ideal set up for pets. An why did I choose Mexico…. For a million reasons that my 14 year old self could probably tell you but I honestly couldn’t tell u one specific reason 🙂

    • I was a Becks until I came to México and now I’m a Becca or a Rebe?!?! Anyway thank you so much for the award, I can’t wait to start answering the questions!

      • you are very very welcome! I have been a Becky then Becca and most recently a Becs it is funny how we have one name but it changes as we do xx

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