C is for Cenote

A Cenote is a sinkhole which are characteristic of this area of Mexico. There are thousands of them, each and every one unique in its size and appearance. Some of the larger ones are tens of meters wide where as others you are only able to access via a small whole in the ground’s surface. As you make your way down into the sink hole it is impossible not to make a reference to a movie such as Journey to the Center of the Earth as that is really what it feels like.

One of the largest and most amazing cenotes that I have ever had the chance to experience is the cenote Ik kil located just outside the mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. The sheer width and depth of the cenote add to its charm and one of its unique features are the roots of the trees that you can see right in the middle that have grown towards the water. It really does have that WOW factor!

Cenote Ik Kil

Another awesome cenote experience is actually a tour called Rio Secreto however the difference here is that you actually travel underground through the caverns with a guide. I have never experienced anything like it, there are some parts completely dry and others where you have to swim through to continue on the journey. It is so quiet and tranquil that it really is like being in a different world!

The underground caverns of Rio Secreto


9 thoughts on “C is for Cenote

  1. I’ve learned a new word today, thank you. What wonderful pictures. Your description gave me chills….not sure I would be able to be down…inside like that.


  2. Wow, you captured that Ik Kil cenote beautifully. My pictures didn’t come out this awesome, but you are right, it is one of the most amazing cenotes ever!

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