A is for Animal Rescue

t’s April 1st and Day One of my A-Z blogging challenge. There are a million things that I could have written about my life starting with the letter A and then it dawned on me.. the one thing that matters most to me and that has affected my life here in Mexico in more ways than one, Animal Rescue.

Dogs were always my favourite animals, every birthday and christmas the first thing on my wishlist was a puppy however living in an apartment in the center of London wasn’t the ideal surrounding. Fast forward 20 years and I arrived in Mexico, living alone there was nobody to tell me that I couldn’t have as many dogs as I wanted. Just for the record, I now share my house with 7 rescued furbabies and whilst they make my life hell, I love them to bits and wouldn’t change them for the world.

The closest I’ve ever gotten to an actual ‘family’ photo

The reason I ended up with so many dogs is in part because I love them and would have more if I could but more so because they are all, with the exception of my golden lab, rescue dogs. Street dogs here in Mexico are a common site and whilst there are several refuges in this area alone they can’t cope with the amount of dogs (and cats) that are abandoned on a daily basis. One of the refuges that does an amazing job in this part of Mexico is ‘Tierra de Animales’ (Land of the Animales) They have over 200 dogs there and each and every one of them was rescued from the street. Most of them were picked up in horrific conditions due to malnutrition, abuse or disease. The team at Tierra de Animales, lead by Ricardo Pimentel, do an amazing job nursing the dogs back to health and finding them new homes either here in Mexico or even in the US and Canada. Cross border adoptions are so easy now days that personally I think every home should have their own Mexican Street Dog.

Ricardo and some of the dogs available for adoption at Tierra De Animales

One of the cases that I will never forget is Xolo, a dog that was practically dead when they rescued him. After a few months at TDA he slowly but surely started to recuperate.. He is now absolutely gorgeous and living in the US with his adopted family. He is the perfect case study to demonstrate that you never really know what a dog can become with the right care and attention.

The amazing recovery of Xolo

Tierra de Animales has only been open for 2 years and they have already rehomed hundreds of dogs that would never have had a chance in life and the most amazing part of all is that they operate purely on donations. They receive absolutely no government funding at all.

So if you’re thinking about getting a dog, why not consider a cross border adoption or even just donating to the cause.. you’ll be making 200 mexican doggies very happy! You can find out more about Tierra De Animales via their webpage:


or you can follow them on facebook and twitter:




8 thoughts on “A is for Animal Rescue

  1. Hi there,rescue centres do amazing things world wide and those photos of Xolo illistrate the point so well. My furbabies all came to me because they needed love, my dog is rescue and both cats were going to be if I hadn’t taken them. What a great post to start the challenge with, thankyou for brightening my morning reads!

  2. I am the farthest thing possible from a dog person, but your presentation makes me reconsider! Lovely start to the challenge.


  3. We recently adopted a cat from an animal rescue and she’s just so sweet!
    Seeing how the people at the refuge cared about the animals was really hearth warming, and so is reading what you wrote about Tierra de Animales and the other refuges where you live.


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